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Throughout the scaling of HighKey Tech, Luke and Jordan learned about branding using social media, direct advertising through Facebook, creating eye-catching content and sales. These taught him
essential skills that have played a big hand in scaling the rest of the companies under the
HighKey brand.

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Our Featured Guests:

Jordan Lintz

Co-Founder of HighKey Holdings Inc. /Owner of all “HighKey Enterprises

For the last four years, Jordan Lintz has been the mastermind behind HighKey’s marketing. Thanks to his expertise and vast knowledge on the subject, the 24-year-old has scaled each HighKey company to over six-figures, with HighKey Technology Inc. even reaching seven-figures in its first year of business. These successes didn’t come easily, but Jordan’s strong work ethic and determination paid off.


Having dropped out of the University of Winnipeg after two and a half years in marketing, Jordan made the life-changing decision to pursue a career in running an online business. Together with his youngest brother Luke, HighKey Technology Inc. was founded in 2016, and within three months, they sold $50,000 worth of wireless earbuds. For over two years, Jordan and his team didn’t pay themselves. Instead, they invested their earnings right back into the company.


Around that same time, HighKey Agency, a social media branding, and marketing company was launched. A year later, the brand’s success allowed them to start HighKey Clout, an agency, and influencer management company. This is where Jordan let his creativity flow and used his unique ideas to scale each brand. After just a year, HighKey Clout brought in over $10 million in revenue.


Influencer marketing is one of Jordan’s secret weapons when it comes to gaining brand exposure, and it’s been a great help in HighKey’s Success. One of the most prominent things Jordan does is host celebrity giveaways and growth campaigns. He enlists the help of high-profile celebrities, such as Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, Kevin Hart, Bella Thorne, Dababy and so many others, to award prizes to followers who enter to win.


Not only does this bring exposure to the HighKey brand, but they get the opportunity to do something positive for their followers as a thank you for the unconditional support. Each month these giveaways happen, with prizes getting bigger each time. Their most recent celebrity collaboration included the giveaway of a Tesla with rapper Lil Pump.


The brand’s most recent venture has been HighKey Real Estate, where they’ve been buying properties to flip and will soon be offering investment opportunities. The brothers and their team have no thoughts of stopping anytime soon and hope to branch out into more markets eventually.


To keep up with the ever-expanding brand, Jordan works between 60 and 75 hours a week. “I don’t work because I have to. I work because I want to,” he says, showing that HighKey is more than just a job. His dedication has allowed each company to reach such great heights, like generating over $1 million in sales each month, that it’s exciting to picture where they’ll be in ten years.

Luke Lintz

Co-Founder of HighKey Holdings Inc. /Owner of all “HighKey Enterprises

Luke Lintz began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 16, before he was even old enough to legally sign any documents about his business. He co-founded a consumer technology company called HighKey Technology Inc. with his oldest brother Jordan. Their success quickly grew, and in the span of their first four months in business, they sold $50,000 worth of wireless earbuds.


Throughout the scaling of HighKey Tech, Luke learned about branding using social media, direct advertising through Facebook, creating eye-catching content and sales. These taught him essential skills that have played a big hand in scaling the rest of the companies under the HighKey brand.


For the next couple of years, Luke and his team invested their earnings from HighKey Tech right back into more advertising, product development and inventory. Around this time, they also amassed a following of over 200,000 on Instagram (@highkeyco), which inspired them to launch HighKey Agency (@highkeyagency). While Jordan spent his main focus on HighKey Tech, Luke worked hard on their new full-service branding agency.


HighKey Agency provides full-service in the areas of social media management and press and publications. The social media management includes content ideas, content creation, and posting to social media. To help him with this, Luke has spent the last two years building a team of employees, contractors, and worldwide freelancers. “A business is only as good as the people in them,” he says on finding the right people to bring on.


Luke has worked hard to create a positive work environment for his employees, something he’s done by encouraging them to be kind to their minds and bodies through activities like meditation, workouts, and constant personal development. The workplace should motivate employees and improve their skills; coming to work should be fun! And Luke makes sure that is the case for everyone.


In late 2019, the brand launched HighKey Clout Inc. (@highkeyclout), an agency and influencer management company. Luke and his brother Jordan founded it after coming up with the idea to do large giveaways with celebrities and social media influencers as an incentive to grow yourself on social media. This has taken off, and to date, celebs like Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart, Rick Ross, Dababy and so many more have collaborated with the brand. Usually, things like tens of thousands of dollars in cash are given out, but their most recent giveaway with Lil Pump included a Tesla.


HighKey Clout has been beneficial for every participant. Celebrities get paid by HighKey, fans get the opportunity to win big prizes, and sponsors get high amounts of exposure thanks to the posts on social media. Within one year of business, the company earned over $10 million in revenue and is now making $250,000 in sales each month alongside HighKey Agency.


Currently, the brothers and their team are in the process of fully launching HighKey Real Estate (@highkeyrealestate) and HighKey Investments where clients will be able to invest and follow along as the brand buys and works on properties. It’s yet another business the brothers can add to their list of six- and seven-figure companies.


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