Disruptor Academy

Our mission is to open up an accessible world of mentorship & education to create new leaders within our business community.

We believe in creating work cultures that fit our values and habits. The goal is not just to hire people who will fit a need, but to create an environment of growth and learning through practical experience and inspired thoughts. We want our students to become culture-makers who scale their business, brand, and team in a way that improves their lives and the lives of those around them. Both financially and mentally.

Our students will graduate as a licensed professional Loan Officer or Real Estate Agent.

This is about creating an opportunity for those who really deserve, want, and will work as hard as they can for it. With those values, the sky is the limit of what we will all become.

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24k base salary, medical and 401k benefits for loan officers. Plus bonus plan attached to production.


● Be a New Jersey Resident

● Age 21 – 25

● Full-time Commitment

● No experience required

● Must be teachable

● Ability to multitask

● Time Management skills

● Personalization and People skills

● Ability to adapt to new and different tools and technologies

● Attentiveness

● Take responsibility for your own learning

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